About Cat Bandit
About Cat Bandit

Because we are a charitable purpose organization but don't file as a 501(c)(3), and therefore are not required to file IRS Form 990, we sometimes get asked to provide more information about what we do, how we do it, and the results we are getting.

As of December 2023, 78 trucks of donated products have been shipped to our recipients which have provided over 12.5 million meals to 104, 886 cats in shelters across the United States.

This achievement underscores our strong partnership with Greater Good Rescue Bank, reaffirming our dedication to feeding and supporting cats in need.

As for our current "big picture" information:

  • Executive Salaries: $0 - all volunteer
  • Doing the right thing is important to us. Our compliance model was developed to satisfy the most restrictive and consumer-friendly state laws related to charitable giving (California and New York).
  • Our charitable distributions are under what is known as a “Commercial Co-Venture Agreement,” which is a way we ensure our giving is legally compliant. It’s an agreement signed between us and 501(c)(3) organizations, signed by the Trustees, under which we meet specific reporting and accounting requirements. We send donations to those organizations, who distribute funds to shelters and rescues.
  • In 2022, we partnered with Greater Good, a 501(c)(3) charity to administer giving to shelters and rescues. You can see us listed on their partner page here.
  • Financial Independence: Financials are kept by a third-party, outside firm
  • We have undertaken a full review of our operations and public statements by counsel to ensure that our public statements have adequate disclosure for the FTC and individual states.
  • Regarding the privacy of information, we do collect information (such as email addresses) in order to communicate with people who may like to sponsor. However we have never sold, rented, or otherwise disclosed any of this information to any third party.
  • We are fortunate to have a corporate sponsor which provides our facilities without cost, and pays for our legal expenses, so we do not need to spend sponsorship dollars on those costs.

We are a growing organization, and a big part of what we do is advocacy for stopping cat euthanasia, and promoting TNR in addition to funding shelters and rescues. 

To learn more about what we do, and how we do it, please visit our F.A.Q. Page here.

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